South Korean tourist shot dead by North Korean soldier

The North-South Korea relationship is on tension again after the death of a South Korean tourist who was shot dead by the North Korean soldiers at the Kŭmgangsan holiday resort in North Korea.

The shooting incident occurred on Friday morning. North Korea claimed that the 53-year-old woman had crossed deep into a fenced-off military area and ran away when a soldier told her to halt… the soldier chased her and fired a warning shot before she was shot dead at around 5am.

Kŭmgangsan, or Mt Kumgang, is a tourist spot in North Korea. South Korean tourists have been allowed to visit Kŭmgangsan since 1998 but within a fenced zone; it’s a popular place for South Koreans to take a glimpse of their northern neighbouring land.

The tragedy has caused outrage in the south, as the public is questioning the authenticity of North Korea’s explanations and called for thorough investigations into the matter. North Korea on Saturday have expressed their regrets over the death, but has dismissed any wrong doings on their side.

From the current development, it seems like there are no other alternative explanations besides what the North Koreans are saying… which would be a very unfortunate incident regardless. Rest in peace, Madam Park.

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