Japanese singer-actor Gen Hoshino archives - Music videos and movie of Gen Hoshino

Southern All Stars – Heaven On The Beach

Music video for Heaven On The Beach by long running Japanese pop rock band Southern All Stars. The MV features cameo appearances of a host of Japanese celebrities, including Natsumi Abe, Kaori Iida, Yuko Nakazawa, members of AKB48, Tamio Okuda, Guts Ishimatsu, Kaela Kimura, Kazuyoshi Saito, Dreams Come True, Ken Hirai, Gen Hoshino, Keiko Masuda and Kazuya Yoshii.

Why Don’t You Play in Hell? movie trailer

Trailer for Japanese comedic-action film Why Don’t You Play in Hell? – about a yakuza (Japanese gangsters) boss who wants to make a movie starring his daughter, with his real battle against another yakuza group as the backdrop.

[Update] Embedded a new video with English subs which explains everything…

Directed by Sion Sono, starring Jun Kunimura, Hiroki Hasegawa, Gen Hoshino, Fumi Nikaido, Tomochika and Shinichi Tsutsumi.

Gen Hoshino – Kuse no Uta music video

Japanese music video for Kuse no Uta (lit. Song of Habit) by Gen Hoshino, member of instrumental band Sakerock. This is the singer’s first solo single, a soothing song.