Korean racing model Ju Da-ha archives - Event and trade show photos of Ju Da-ha

Ju Da-ha Seoul Aerospace Defense Exhibition

Korean model Ju Da-ha at the recent Seoul International Aerospace & Defense Exhibition (ADEX) with Hanwha Corp. Beautiful, although I wonder if it’s necessary to have promotional girls at this particular event. Photos by Tekunv [Kr].

Ju Da-ha Seoul Aerospace Defense Exhibition 2013

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Seoul Motor Show 2013 promo models

Promotional models at the biennial Seoul Motor Show in April 2013 – i.e. Kang Yui, Kim Ha-yul, Sim Min-hee, Go Jung-ah, Eun Bin, Seo Jin-ah, Ju Da-ha, Choi Seul-gi, Hwang In-ji, Choi Byul-i, Min Seo-hee, Lee Sung-hwa, Bang Eun-young, Heo Yun-mi, Hwang Mi-hee and Park Si-hyun. Pictures by Anamboy [Kr].

Kang Yui
Korean model Kang Yui Seoul Motor Show 2013

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Ju Da-ha G-STAR 2012

Korean trade show model Ju Da-ha at the 2012 G-STAR game exhibition in Busan. She’s modelling for T-Store, a digital distribution platform for mobile apps operated by SK Telecom, the largest wireless carrier in South Korea. Photos by Tekunv [Kr], via Koreangirlshd [En].

Korean model Ju Da Ha G-STAR Game Show 2012

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Kang Yui & Ju Da-ha ASUS Roadshow

Korean models Kang Yui and Ju Da-ha at a roadshow for ASUS Lamborghini VX7 laptop – the seventh generation of a design collaboration between a computer manufacturer and a race-car maker. Image by Mirchensa, via Sexycutekorean.

Korean models Kang Yui and Ju Da-ha for ASUS

Seoul Motor Show 2011 promotion girls

Korean promotional models – i.e. Ju Da-ha, Song Jina, Choi Byul-i, Kim Ha-yul, Kang Yui, Han Ga-eun, Ryu Ji-hye, Hwang Mi-hee and Jang Jung-eun – at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show. Hat tip to the photographers, via Sexycutekorean.com.

Ju Da-ha
Ju Da Ha Seoul Motor Show 2011

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