Korean actor Joo Won archives - Drama/movie teasers and magazine photos

Catch Me (2013) movie teaser

Teaser for Korean romantic comedy film Catch Me (aka Steal My Heart), written and directed by Lee Hyeon-jong, starring Kim Ah-joong and Joo Won.

Love plot between a police officer and a beautiful thief, not something new unless the filmmaker can put some twist in between. The couple looks cute though.

Joo Won Cosmopolitan Korea

Korean actor Joo Won in November 2012 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine [Kr]. The guy is on a streak since making his TV debut with Bread, Love & Dreams in 2010, starring in one hit drama after another since then.

Joo Won Cosmopolitan Korean Magazine

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Ulala Session, Goodbye Day, Bridal Mask OST

Korean music video for Goodbye Day by boy band Ulala Session, an original soundtrack for Korean TV drama series Bridal Mask.

Starring Joo Won and Jin Se-yeon, the drama tells the story of a (fictional) masked hero who fought the Japanese occupation in 1930’s. The MV is mainly about the love-struggle in early episodes of the show. Nice song, decent drama so far.

Bread, Love and Dreams (2010) Teaser

Teaser for Korean drama Bread, Love and Dreams which is red hot at the moment. The TV series – starring Yoon Si-yoon, Eugene, Joo Won and Lee Young-ah etc. – peaks at 44.4% rating in recent weeks, the best for a K-drama in 2010.

The drama, also known as Baker King Kim Tak-gu, tells the story of an out-of-wedlock son of a rich Korean food mogul. After years of hardship he found passion to succeed his father as a top baker and also met a woman he loves, but he has to overcome the competition of his stepbrother in both situation.

I have watched the first few episodes, which was boring to be frank. Perhaps it gets better at later stages when the main plot kicks in.