This is Korea, from a living perspective

Cool video by a Spanish vlogger for his trip to South Korea in 2010, which showcases the country’s attraction from a daily-living perspective instead of touristy stuff…

Background song is Time Walking on Memories, a 2008 hit by rock band Nell.

Dunkin’ Charcoal Donuts Thailand

Dunkin’ Donuts Thailand has introduced a new range of Charcoal Donuts last month (which caused a bit of uproar in the west for its black-faced advert). The use of edible bamboo charcoal has gained popularity in Asia in recent years, especially in bakery products. It’s thought to bring certain health benefits.

Dunkin Charcoal Donuts Thailand

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China unveils world’s largest building

Dubbed as the world’s largest building (or the largest standalone structure by floorspace, to be precise), the New Century Global Centre in Chengdu, China, has opened its doors to public last month. Photos by 郭红元@Baidu [Cn]…

New Century Global Centre, Chengdu, China

With 1,700,000 square metres of floorspace, the building consists of a large shopping area, and also offices, conference hall, two hotels, entertainment facilities, ice skating rink, a Mediterranean village, and a theme park with an artificial beach.

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Japanese Sakura 2013

Awesome videos by AquaGeographic [Jp], shot from numerous popular cherry blossom viewing spots across Japan. Spring is in the air…

Famous sights of cherry blossoms in Tohoku…

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Snow-covered Great Wall in Tianjin

The Great Wall after a snowfall in Tianjin, northern China, on March 19-20.

Great Wall of China snow

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