Chinese Guan Yu Transformers

Bi Heng, a student from China Central Academy of Fine Arts, has created a 9.1 metre sculpture for his final year thesis, which combines elements from popular Transformers franchise with deified ancient Chinese General Guan Yu.

China Guan Yu Transformers

The main materials came from an old Jie Fang model truck, China’s first very own domestically manufactured vehicle. The completed model weighed close to four tonnes and costed about USD4,400.

The statue also cleverly resembled the look of Guan Yu, a General during the Three Kingdom period (around 220-260 AD) who is popularly worshipped these days among the Chinese community. The giant pole weapon was his trademark.

If I’m the professor I would give him a straight A for his thesis lol. More photos below, which show the making progress of the Guan Yu Transformers…

China Guan Yu Transformers idea

Making of Chinese Guan Yu Transformers

Making of Chinese Guan Yu Transformers

Making of Chinese Guan Yu Transformers

Making of Chinese Guan Yu Transformers

Making of Chinese Guan Yu Transformers

Chinese Guan Yu Transformers statue

Chinese Guan Yu Transformers sculpture

Images from Bi Heng’s Sina blog [Cn].

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  1. Wow, that’s pretty cool. He put a lot of work into this. Hats down.

  2. wow, all that for final year thesis. if i am the professor i will give him an A for artwork, C for wasting money. so he got a B in the end lol.

  3. omg…so coool..

  4. This is reall cool! How about terracotta warrior ala transformers as well..that would be also cool

  5. korean_guy says:

    the chinese are obsessed with their past (ancient general Guan Yu), the japanese are obsessed with future (Gundam). LOL

  6. Ma Jie Mao says:

    I give him a A+ and a job in China’s secret mecha-development labs.

  7. daniel nguyen says:

    This Guan Yu transformer is so cool. So lucky that it’s just sculpture, if it was the real thing, I think the Chinese would be ready to conquer the world :-ss.

  8. I think he definitely deserved an A+ for his creativity and efforts.


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