Korean model Bang Eun-young archives - Portrait, event and cosplay photos

Bang Eun-young portrait photoshot

Korean racing model Bang Eun-young’s light hearted portrait photoshoot, taken at an old train station (which has been turned into a recreation park) in Naju, South Jeolla Province. Setting by Baram, found via Koreangirlshd.

Bang Eun Young portrait photoshot

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Seoul Motor Show 2013 promo models

Promotional models at the biennial Seoul Motor Show in April 2013 – i.e. Kang Yui, Kim Ha-yul, Sim Min-hee, Go Jung-ah, Eun Bin, Seo Jin-ah, Ju Da-ha, Choi Seul-gi, Hwang In-ji, Choi Byul-i, Min Seo-hee, Lee Sung-hwa, Bang Eun-young, Heo Yun-mi, Hwang Mi-hee and Park Si-hyun. Pictures by Anamboy [Kr].

Kang Yui
Korean model Kang Yui Seoul Motor Show 2013

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Bang Eun-young G-STAR cosplay

Korean model Bang Eun-young’s cosplay photoshoot at the 2010 G-STAR Game Show in the southern city of Busan. Photos by Anamboy [Kr].

Bang Eun Young GSTAR Korean cosplay

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