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Cathay Pacific – Life Well Travelled

Hong Kong’s Cathay Pacific airline has launched a new marketing campaign, known as Life Well Travelled. Besides a few promotion videos, the company is also encouraging people to share their travel experience via the campaign site.

Miss Adventure (in Thailand, starring model Aimee Cheng-Bradshaw)

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Ada Choi x Suisse Reborn HKG Commercial

Actress Ada Choi’s Cantonese commercial for skincare product Suisse Reborn which is sold exclusively by cosmetics retailer Bonjour in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Airlines TVC 2013

TV commercial for Hong Kong Airlines brand campaign. The idea is that the flight attendants are equipped with youthful heart and energetic physicality to provide the best for the passengers. First video in English, second (identical) in Cantonese.

Li Na Nike Training Club Taiwan

Chinese tennis star Li Na in a commercial for Nike Training Club (a mobile app if not mistaken) in Taiwan, in which she talks about the benefits of a physically fit body.

Sharon Chan About Beauty HKG Commercial

Cantonese commercial for Hong Kong based About Beauty spa & slimming centre, featuring actress Sharon Chan who’s famous for her 43-inches long legs.