Jill Vidal ft. San E – Being Told Chinese MV

Hong Kong based British singer Jill Vidal is making her comeback, six years after her drug scandal in 2009. She was found guilty for drugs possession in Japan but escaped prison time. Her rising showbiz career was badly affected though.

Vidal was only semi-active since the scandal until signing with Warner Music HK in 2015. She released a new single, titled Being Told (被滿足的愛), in May 2016. She went to Seoul to record the song which featured popular Korean rapper San E.

It’s actually a decent song. There’s clear K-pop elements and it sounds different from standard Cantopop, which may be a good thing since Cantopop is going nowhere these days. This could just be the song she needs for a reboot.

Linda Chung – The Story Happily Ever After

Cantonese MV for The Story Happily Ever After by Linda Chung, theme song for TVB drama series Witness Insecurity which she co-starred with Bosco Wong. Video has nothing to do with the drama, looks a bit cheap but the song is decent.

Angelababy – Can We Smile Together (The First Time OST)

Chinese music video for Can We Smile Together (loose translation) by Chinese actress Angelababy; it’s a movie soundtrack for The First Time which she’s co-starring with Taiwanese actor Mark Chau. The song is written by pop star Jay Chou, lyrics by Vincent Fang. Decent song, and Angela actually sounds ok.

The movie is a loose remake of a 2003 Korean film …ing, about the unconventional romance between a chronically-ill girl and a free-spirited rocker.

Selina Jen – Everyone Who Loves Me

Chinese music video of Everyone Who Loves Me by Taiwanese singer Selina Jen of pop group S.H.E. The song was released a few days prior to her wedding on October 31 – as a thank you message to people who supported her all this while.

The 30-year-old Taiwanese star is still recovering from severe burn injuries from a filming mishap a year ago. The wedding was delayed for half a year, but thankfully she’s doing well enough to walk down the aisle despite the postponement. Congrats.

Jay Chou (ft Lara Veronin) – Coral Sea music video

A 2005 Chinese song by Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, Coral Sea, featuring rookie singer Lara Veronin. One of my favourite Chinese duets.

The song expressed regrets of a couple over the end of their relationship. Music by Jay Chou, and lyrics by Vincent Fang who also guest starred in the MV.