Linda Chung – The Story Happily Ever After

Cantonese MV for The Story Happily Ever After by Linda Chung, theme song for TVB drama series Witness Insecurity which she co-starred with Bosco Wong. Video has nothing to do with the drama, looks a bit cheap but the song is decent.

Selina Jen – Everyone Who Loves Me

Chinese music video of Everyone Who Loves Me by Taiwanese singer Selina Jen of pop group S.H.E. The song was released a few days prior to her wedding on October 31 – as a thank you message to people who supported her all this while.

The 30-year-old Taiwanese star is still recovering from severe burn injuries from a filming mishap a year ago. The wedding was delayed for half a year, but thankfully she’s doing well enough to walk down the aisle despite the postponement. Congrats.

Jay Chou (ft Lara Veronin) – Coral Sea music video

A 2005 Chinese song by Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, Coral Sea, featuring rookie singer Lara Veronin. One of my favourite Chinese duets.

The song expressed regrets of a couple over the end of their relationship. Music by Jay Chou, and lyrics by Vincent Fang who also guest starred in the MV.

Xiao Huang-Chi – Last Journey music video

Chinese music video for Last Journey (末班車) by blind Taiwanese singer Xiao Huang-Chi, released in his January 2011 album…

The title is literally last train/bus/trip, which can sometimes be interpreted as the last journey of life. The lyrics are the message of a person to his/her lover who’s passing away. Decent song, pretty good music video too.

Taiwanese composer Chen Chi-Yuan passed away

Taiwanese composer Chen Chi-Yuan (陈志远) passed away on March 16 at age 61 after battling with cancer for seven years. The legendary musician had thousand of works under his name, including many classics in the 80s and 90s.

I’ve embedded some of his famous pieces below. He will be missed, RIP.

Sandy Lam – Home Again Without You (爱上一个不回家的人, 1991)

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