Linda Chung – The Story Happily Ever After

Cantonese MV for The Story Happily Ever After by Linda Chung, theme song for TVB drama series Witness Insecurity which she co-starred with Bosco Wong. Video has nothing to do with the drama, looks a bit cheap but the song is decent.

Angelababy – Can We Smile Together (The First Time OST)

Chinese music video for Can We Smile Together (loose translation) by Chinese actress Angelababy; it’s a movie soundtrack for The First Time which she’s co-starring with Taiwanese actor Mark Chau. The song is written by pop star Jay Chou, lyrics by Vincent Fang. Decent song, and Angela actually sounds ok.

The movie is a loose remake of a 2003 Korean film …ing, about the unconventional romance between a chronically-ill girl and a free-spirited rocker.

Selina Jen – Everyone Who Loves Me

Chinese music video of Everyone Who Loves Me by Taiwanese singer Selina Jen of pop group S.H.E. The song was released a few days prior to her wedding on October 31 – as a thank you message to people who supported her all this while.

The 30-year-old Taiwanese star is still recovering from severe burn injuries from a filming mishap a year ago. The wedding was delayed for half a year, but thankfully she’s doing well enough to walk down the aisle despite the postponement. Congrats.

Jay Chou (ft Lara Veronin) – Coral Sea music video

A 2005 Chinese song by Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, Coral Sea, featuring rookie singer Lara Veronin. One of my favourite Chinese duets.

The song expressed regrets of a couple over the end of their relationship. Music by Jay Chou, and lyrics by Vincent Fang who also guest starred in the MV.

Xiao Huang-Chi – Last Journey music video

Chinese music video for Last Journey (末班車) by blind Taiwanese singer Xiao Huang-Chi, released in his January 2011 album…

The title is literally last train/bus/trip, which can sometimes be interpreted as the last journey of life. The lyrics are the message of a person to his/her lover who’s passing away. Decent song, pretty good music video too.