Girls’ Generation True Beyond Thailand

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation are chosen as brand ambassadors for Thai mobile network operator TrueMove-H to promote the company’s latest mobile packages.

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Tiffany 12Plus Miracle Day in Bangkok (HD)

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany attended a promotion event for cosmetic brand 12Plus in Bangkok on August 2. She’s paired up with Siwon from Kpop group Super Junior in the latest campaign. Photos by Koy_kokio [Th], via Snsdpics

SNSD Tiffany 12Plus Miracle Day Bangkok

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Harmonique Restaurant, Bangkok

First trip to Thailand in 33 years despite the fact that it’s the only country connected by land with West Malaysia. First meal in Bangkok on June 30, at the Harmonique Restaurant which is famous for its Thai-Isan (north-eastern Thai) cuisine…

Harmonique Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

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Girls’ Generation Tour in Bangkok 2012

Photos from Korean pop group Girls’ Generation’s Bangkok concert on February 12. The gig concluded their 2nd Asia Tour which covered 11 cities and attracted some 230,000 fans in 23 shows. Image by Pingbook [Th], via Snsdpics

Girls Generation Tour in Bangkok 2012

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Beautiful actress shows off armpit in Thai commercial

Thai commercial for cosmetics brand 12plus, starring actress Aum and members from Korean pop group Super Junior. Not sure if it’s intended but I find this funny…