Old memory archives - My childhood, high school and university memories

Reply 1997 – Alone music video by Bee Gees

Bumped into this music video while doing some Youtube hopping of western music from the 1990’s. Alone by British pop group Bee Gees, released in 1997.

Bee Gees have sold more than 220 million records in a career spanned over half-a-century, placing them among the world’s all time best-selling music artists.

Old memories

Not particularly fond of this song, but it’s one of those memory-trigger pieces that stuck in my head. I just started driving (mostly to tuition and libraries) back then and this was played so often on the radio that it became toxic LoL.

It was also during the first “major” crossroad I faced. Just got into pre-university and pondering whether I should switch to business or stay with science stream. Chose the later partly because of a girl, and the rest is history.

It’s been 20 years now. Two of the three brothers in Bee Gees are in heaven, and I’m probably halfway through my journey. Time flies for sure, carpe diem.

BTW, Reply 1997 is a popular Korean drama series about pop culture and memories in the 90’s. I’m borrowing the title to tell my own stories.

Kelly Chen, unfulfilled promises & letting go

Dreamt of a song 3am in the morning and couldn’t fall back to sleep. It’s a 1996 production, Willing To Let Go (誰願放手) by Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen.

I was a huge fan of the pop star during high school. She’s gorgeous, not an exceptionally good singer but has some pretty good songs.

Funny thing is I haven’t heard this for some years, it’s odd how it popped up out of the blue. And it brought back memories, going to be a long story…

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Thirteen, a picture from middle school

An old pal posted a photo on Facebook, taken when we were 13 with our middle-school classmates and an intern-teacher who taught us for a few months.

SMJK Sam Tet Form One classmates

Feels like it’s just yesterday, but over 18 years have gone by since. Time flies.

Exam nightmares

I hate exams. I am still having nightmares about exams occasionally despite not taken part in any exams after graduating from university years ago.

I would dream that I got the exam date wrong, forgot to bring my calculator or writing tools, woke up late and had to rush to the exam hall, and some other funny stuff. The first two incidents did actually happen during my university days… but I have no idea where the other recurring imaginations came from.

Perhaps it’s a reflection of the fact that I didn’t enjoy my university study that much. I love the friends and companions, and I love the extracurriculars. But I weren’t fond of the tests and exams which happened every few weeks… and I probably got into the wrong faculty to begin it, which obviously made things worse.

Well, it’s a thing of the past. Hopefully the nightmares will soon become history too.

Malaysian education creating racial gap

When I was in primary school… we were taught that Ahmad, Ah Kau and Raju are all good friends, and we helped each other regardless of races.

My father was a great role model for racial bonding, he had a wide group of friends whom he mixed with, and he used to bring me to his friends’ open house during festive seasons. Back then I believed in racial harmony without a single doubt.

Things only started to change when I moved to high school, when I realised that most Chinese students had to study in Remove Class while Malays weren’t required to do so. The intention was not bad but I started knowing that Malays and non-Malays were somehow different when it came to education system.

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