T-ara – Lovey Dovey music video & pics

Korean pop group T-ara has released Lovey Dovey, a follow up track to Cry Cry. The 20-minute music video is a drama-sequel to the Cry Cry video, starring actors Cha Seung-won, Ji Chang-wook and a couple of the T-ara members. Also included in the MV is We Were In Love – a collaboration between T-ara and Davichi. Embedded further below is the dance practise video with full song without the drama fuss…

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T-ara released Japanese Bo Beep Bo Beep

Korean pop group T-ara has released their first Japanese single, Bo Beep Bo Beep, on September 28. Check out the MV teaser and some album jacket concept images…

The song is a remake of T-ara’s 2009 Korean hit (same title). The single is doing well despite the obvious accents, topping the sales chart on its debut week.

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T-ara – Roly Poly music video & pics

Korean pop group T-ara is releasing their second mini-album, John Travolta Wannabe, with a discotheque retro concept, on June 30. Check out the MV (a 12-minute movie to be precise) of the main track, Roly Poly, and also some concept photos…

The video features two popular stars in the 70s/80s, i.e. Im Ye-jin (beginning) and Jeon Young-rok (DJ). Jeon is father of Boram, one of the T-ara members.

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Death Bell 2 (2010) movie trailer & OST

Trailer and OST of Korean horror movie Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp, starring Hwang Jung-eum, Kim Suro, and a bunch of young starlets e.g. Park Ji-yeon, Yoon Si-yoon, Park Eun-bin and Yoon Seung-ah etc. The film will premier later this month.

T-ara’s Soyeon (not in the video) sings the theme song, titled How Should It End. Decent song, doesn’t sound fit for a horror movie though.

Tiara – I Go Crazy Because of You music video & pics

Korean pop group Tiara has released Breaking Heart – repackaged version of their Absolute First Album which was released in December. Crazy Because of You (너 때문에 미쳐) is one of the new songs, MV (epilepsy warning) and concept pics below…

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