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f(x) Marie Claire Korea

Korean pop group f(x) is featured in recent issue of Marie Claire Magazine [Kr]. The girls are scheduled to release their first full length studio album later this month.

f(x) Victoria Marie Claire Korea

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K-pop stars – Infinitely Yours Seoul commercials

Korean commercial series for Infinitely Yours, Seoul – a Seoul tourism campaign featuring pop groups TVXQ, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation

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SHINee – Replay music video

A recent Korean hit song, Replay from new boyband SHINee. Just ok for me, but the ladies are probably going gaga over the cute teenage boys and the smoothing lyrics, which sings “Noona (which means older sister/girl) You’re So Pretty…”

The song also created a bit of pop culture phenomenon. Since the song was released, celebrities are often asked on variety shows about their thoughts of dating older women or younger men, a subject which used to be seen as a taboo in the relatively conservative Korean society.

[Update Sept 2009] The ‘noona’ in the video, Victoria, is making her K-pop singing debut with all-girls pop group f(x). Check out her debut song LA chA TA.