World’s largest working vuvuzela

If you are following the FIFA World Cup you sure have known what the vuvuzela is. Love it or hate it, it’s a prominent feature of the soccer tournament.

And how about this… Korean automaker Hyundai has constructed the world’s largest vuvuzela in Cape Town before the World Cup kicked off. Most people probably haven’t heard of this though, as the 35-metre giant is banned from common use during the tournament as authorities considered the sound too loud.

Some fans were lucky enough to put it into action before the ban…

Big Bang & Kim Yuna – Hyundai Shouting Korea CF

Korean pop group Big Bang and figure skating star Kim Yuna join hands to film Shouting Korea, a commercial for Hyundai’s cheerleading campaign for the Korean national team at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa…

Kim Yuna sings for Hyundai commercial

Korean figure skating star Kim Yuna sings for a Hyundai Motors commercial…

The song is Goose Dream, a popular motivation song in Korea.

This is not the first time she sings in a commercial (Samsung did it earlier), and it probably won’t be the last. Fact is, she can sing pretty well… good enough to be a professional singer with a bit polishing. Post retirement plan perhaps?

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