Korean World Cup announcer turns internet sensation

A gif image of Korean announcer Jang Ye-won, who’s currently in Brazil to report on the World Cup, is trending on Reddit, 9gag and other social networking sites.

Korean World Cup announcer Jang Yewon

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Timothy & Audrey meme proposal

Viral video of a meme proposal by Malaysian netrepreneur Timothy Tiah to her girlfriend Audrey Ooi, which even prompted a congratulatory tweet from Christina Perri (who sang the song in the video, A Thousand Years)…

Not a fan of meme, but the proposal is kinda interesting… at least something extra to be remembered and laughed about when they got old together. Congratulations to the couple, and have a beautiful wedding.


Funny conversations happen on Facebook from time to time. This is GENIUS.

Malaysia Facebook funny quotes

Hat tip to Joshua.

Play Angry Birds online for “free”

Popular mobile based game Angry Birds is now available online for free (for the first few themes). The online version, currently in Beta, is developed primarily for Google Chrome browser, but it seems that Firefox etc. users can access the web game just fine at Angry Birds Chrome’s official site, at least for the current moment.

Angry Birds Google Chrome

Angry Birds was first released for Apple OS in late 2009 and is arguably the most popular mobile game application to date. It has been released to other platforms (Android etc.) over the period, and its popularity is still rising, with expectation of 100 million downloads in China alone in near future.

The web based Angry Birds won’t be free eternally though; gamers will have to pay to access “premium levels” when the Beta testing is over. The paid version of the game (on Apple etc.) is pretty affordable, so the upgrade should be quite cheap as well.

Though to be honest, the experience of playing the game on web browser is far less interesting than playing it on iPad or similar touch-screen devices.

Google Chrome – Dear Sophie

A heart warming video-advertorial by Google Chrome – of an Asian father who uses the web to share memories with his daughter as she grows up…

Music by Ingrid Michaelson, a New York based indie-pop singer-songwriter.