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Kim Tae-hee LG DIOS 2011

A bit old but nice photoset of Korean actress Kim Tae-hee, advertising for LG DIOS refrigerators in 2011. The beautiful lady also endorsed other electronic products (phones, TV etc.) from LG during that period. Images via LGE on Flickr.

Kim Tae Hee LG DIOS 2011 advertisement

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Kim Tae-hee 12plus Colorista Japan

Korean actress Kim Tae-hee (and Thai actor Mark Prin) in a commercial video for 12plus Colorista Japan. 12plus is a Thai cosmetics brand, and the Colorista Japan products are inspired by the Japanese beauty industry.

Thai brand, Japanese concept, Korean endorser… globalisation much?

Kim Tae-hee O HUI Cosmetics

Ad photos of Korean actress Kim Tae-hee for cosmetics brand O HUI [Kr].

Kim Tae-hee Korean O HUI Cosmetics

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Kim Tae-hee promotes 12Plus Colorista

Thai cosmetics brand 12Plus continues the tradition of hiring Korean celebrities (previously with Super Junior, Tiffany etc.) to endorse its products. The latest in addition is actress Kim Tae-hee, who attended an event in Bangkok last month to promote the new 12Plus Colorista products. Photos by TemTem [Th].

Kim Tae Hee 12Plus Colorista Bangkok

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Rain & Kim Tae-hee Dating?

Korean tabloid Dispatch [Kr] secured a big scoop on New Year’s Day, with “evidence” that popular singer Rain and actress Kim Tae-hee are in relationship.

Korean couple Rain Kim Tae Hee dating

The photos they published are hardly conclusive, but Dispatch has a pretty “good” track record exposing celebrities’ romance, there’s a decent probability that the two are really dating (for 3-4 months according to report). Regardless, Happy New Year. [Update] It’s real, both have confirmed this via their agencies.