Rain & Kim Tae-hee Dating?

Korean tabloid Dispatch [Kr] secured a big scoop on New Year’s Day, with “evidence” that popular singer Rain and actress Kim Tae-hee are in relationship.

Korean couple Rain Kim Tae Hee dating

The photos they published are hardly conclusive, but Dispatch has a pretty “good” track record exposing celebrities’ romance, there’s a decent probability that the two are really dating (for 3-4 months according to report). Regardless, Happy New Year. [Update] It’s real, both have confirmed this via their agencies.

Rain, First Look, Good Bye

Korean pop star Rain in latest issue of First Look [Kr] Magazine, in collaboration with Adidas sports apparel. This photoshoot is one of his final projects before heading to the army camp to fulfil his mandatory military service…

Rain Korean 1st Look Magazine

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Rain & JYP & Taewoo

A candid photo featuring Korean pop stars Rain, JYP and Kim Tae-woo. Both Rain and Kim Tae-woo made their debut under JYP’s label, the later as a member of now disbanded popular boyband g.o.d. Image via 6to5

Rain, JYP and Kim Tae-woo

JYP is still a music mogul, producing the likes of Wonder Girls, 2AM and 2PM etc.; Rain is one of the most internationally recognisable K-pop artists; while Kim is doing well with his solo career after discharging from the military service in 2009.

Rain is back with JYP

Korean pop star Rain is reuniting with his mentor Park Jin-young, better known as JYP, after leaving the company for three and a half years.

Korean pop stars Rain and JYP
Rain and JYP at a special performance on MBC network in 2008

Rain formed J.Tune Entertainment after his contract expired with JYPE in 2007. But JYPE has became the largest shareholder of J.Tune earlier this month, and J.Tune will be made a subsidiary under JYPE label subsequently.

It’s reported that Rain actually initiated the merger, probably to get someone he could trust to look after his company when he is enlisted into the military to fulfil his two year mandatory service.

The arrangement makes sense for both parties. JYPE has grown into a bigger company since Rain left, with the emergence of Wonder Girls and 2PM etc.; while Rain is still one of the most influential Korean artists globally. It’s win-win.

Rain is MTV’s biggest badass movie star

Rain was named the Biggest Badass Star at the MTV Movie Awards on June 6 with his role in action flick Ninja Assassin. Check out his rather short English acceptance speech below; Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (the Karate Kid) were there to present the award to the Korean singer-turned-actor [via K-popped]…