J.Y.Park – Who’s Your Mama ft. Jessi

Korean music video for Who’s Your Mama by pop singer and music mogul J.Y.Park, aka Park Jin-young, founder of JYP Entertainment. The song is the main track for his latest album, 24/34… it’s all about the booty.

The song features Jessi as the rapper. The main dancer is Jang Ju-hee, who has featured in a number of K-pop music videos for various artists.

Rain is back with JYP

Korean pop star Rain is reuniting with his mentor Park Jin-young, better known as JYP, after leaving the company for three and a half years.

Korean pop stars Rain and JYP
Rain and JYP at a special performance on MBC network in 2008

Rain formed J.Tune Entertainment after his contract expired with JYPE in 2007. But JYPE has became the largest shareholder of J.Tune earlier this month, and J.Tune will be made a subsidiary under JYPE label subsequently.

It’s reported that Rain actually initiated the merger, probably to get someone he could trust to look after his company when he is enlisted into the military to fulfil his two year mandatory service.

The arrangement makes sense for both parties. JYPE has grown into a bigger company since Rain left, with the emergence of Wonder Girls and 2PM etc.; while Rain is still one of the most influential Korean artists globally. It’s win-win.

JYP Nation – This Christmas music video

Korean entertainment agency JYP Entertainment has released This Christmas, a special music video for the festive season featuring affiliated artists Wonder Girls, 2PM, 2AM, Miss A, Lim, San-E, Joo and the boss (JYP) himself. Some photos after the MV.

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Miss A – Bad Girl, Good Girl music video

Music video for Bad Girl, Good Girl, Chinese-Korean pop group Miss A’s official Korean debut song. Interesting piece with a unique rhythm, pretty nice…

Managed by AQ/JYP Entertainment, the four-member pop group composed of Chinese born Jia and Fei, and also Korean girls Min and Suzy (L-R)…

Korean pop group Miss A Bad Girl Good Girl

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Jaebum kicked out of 2PM officially

Korean singer Park JaebumKorean entertainment agency JYPE has made an official announcement that they have terminated the contract with Park Jae-bum, former leader of pop group 2PM.

The Seattle based Korean-American has left the group since September 2009 following some old controversial remarks on MySpace which have been exposed.

His company and fellow 2PM members had however all this while insisted that he was welcomed to rejoin the team… so it is quite a shocker for the fans that he is not returning to the (originally) seven members group.

The peculiar thing is that according to the announcement, the reason behind the termination of contract is because Jae-bum has confessed in December that he had committed a big personal mistake (post debut) which was far more serious than the MySpace controversy… so huge that it’s impossible for him to return.

It’s poor PR management from JYPE no matter how I see it… what’s the purpose of mentioning the mistake if it’s not revealed in full? Should have kept it a secret without saying a single word if there’s no plan to bare it all. Predictably it has sparked needless speculations which do no good for all parties.

Personal thought, unless it’s a crime there’s nothing serious enough to have the contract terminated; hope that the kid had not done something that stupid.