Japanese pop group Nogizaka46 archives - Magazine photos and MV of Nogizaka46

Nanase Nishino & Nanami Hashimoto Young Magazine

Nanase Nishino and Nanami Hashimoto of Japanese pop group Nogizaka46 in 2015 No.16 issue of Weekly Young Magazine [Jp]. The female idol group has just released a new single, Life Is Beautiful, on March 18.

Nogizaka46 Nanase Nishino Nanami Hashimoto Young Magazine

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Nogizaka46 – Natsu no Free & Easy PV

Japanese music video for Natsu no Free & Easy, the ninth single by pop group Nogizaka46, released July 9, 2014. It’s the month’s best seller thus far.

This is also the first Nogizaka46 single featuring popular idol Rena Matsui, who joins the team as a concurrent member from sister group SKE48.

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Nogizaka46, Japanese Food, Non-no

Japanese girl group Nogizaka46 members – i.e. Nanase Nishino, Nanami Hashimoto, Sayuri Matsumura, Yumi Wakatsuki, Mai Shiraishi, Mai Fukagawa and Miona Hori – in 2014-no.14 issue of Men’s Non-no Magazine [Jp], sampling various types of summer dishes at 28 famous restaurants in Tokyo.

Nogizaka46 Men Non-no Magazine Japanese food

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Nogizaka46 Young Jump Magazine

Japanese girl group Nogizaka46 members – i.e. Rina Ikoma, Sayuri Matsumura, Nanase Nishino, Himeka Nakamoto, Erika Ikuta and Mai Shiraishi – in 2014-no.23 issue of Weekly Young Jump Magazine [Jp]. Image via Nihongirls.

Nogizaka46 Japanese Young Jump Magazine

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Nogizaka46 B.L.T. summer photobook promo videos

Promo videos for Japanese girl group Nogizaka46’s upcoming photobook which is published quarterly by B.L.T Magazine [Jp], a subsidiary of Tokyo News Service.

The featured members are Misa Etō, Rena Ichiki, Mai Shiraishi, Seira Nagashima, Mai Fukagawa, Minami Hoshino, Rina Yamato, Mai Shinuichi and Miona Hori.

Misa Etō

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