Japanese Hello Kitty melon

A melon producer in Furano, Hokkaido, has grown some cute cantaloupes with the image of Japanese’s favourite icon Hello Kitty engraved on the fruit surface.


The limited item (300 pieces) will be on sale until July 31. I suspect it won’t last until then despite costing 4,980 yen (US$48.53) apiece. Seems steep to most people but high quality melons are priced at this range in Japan, it’s not extraordinary.

Nozomi Sasaki Lotte Fit’s commercial

Japanese actress-model Nozomi Sasaki in the latest Lotte Fit’s (chewing gum) commercial. The brand has created plenty of buzz a couple years ago with a mimic-dance competition which was held via Youtube…

Kyoto fire ramen

A mini fire-show at a ramen restaurant [Jp] in Kyoto, Japan. Nothing magical, pour burning oil into water based liquid (vice versa) will do. Don’t try this at home ;)

I bet the gimmick will get them plenty of new customers, but it’s taste that matters most after all (not saying they are bad or anything). Hat tip to Japanprobe.

KARA, Japanese Christmas, fried chicken

A Japanese commercial featuring Korean pop group KARA, for convenience-store-chain Family Mart’s fried chicken for the upcoming Christmas celebration…

Fried chicken is synonymous to Christmas party in Japan. It’s a long story… in short the tradition started in the 1970s after an ingenious marketing campaign by Kentucky Fried Chicken (very popular in Japan) – that fried chicken was the best alternative to the customary Xmas turkey which was scarce in those days.

Takara Tomy’s Giga Pudding

Japanese commercial for Giga Pudding, a product by Takara Tomy [Jp]. The video went viral and was turned into an internet meme in 2010, puddi puddi…

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