Competitive eating archives - Famous competitive eaters and speed eating contests

Yuka Kinoshita 100 hamburgers challenge

Meet Yuka Kinoshita, a Japanese female competitive eater and online celebrity, whose total video views has just surpassed 100 million on Youtube. This video, in which she tried to eat 100 burgers in November 2014, is her most popular one.

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Matt Stonie wins World Gyro Eating Championship 2014

Video of Matt Stonie vs Joey Chestnut in the 2014 Niko Niko’s World Gyro Eating Championship at Houston Greek Festival on May 18.

Stonie won the competition with a world record of 24 gyros in 10 minutes. Looks like Chestnut finally has a serious challenger after years of dominance (in the Major League Eating). It’s a pity that he and Takeru Kobayashi couldn’t have more official battles because of the later’s refusal to join the MLE.

Kobayashi pranks the New York Cosmos

Famous Japanese competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi goes undercover at Buffalo Wild Wings as he pranks the New York Cosmos (soccer club) and midfielder Peri Marošević into a chicken wings eating contest. Nice one for April Fools.

Takeru Kobayashi arrested by NYPD

Japanese competitive eating ace Takeru Kobayashi was arrested and spent a night in jail for wanting to eat a hot dog disrupting a hot dog eating contest.

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Mr Bean – Eating Competition

A funny video from British sitcom Mr Bean – one of my favourite shows – to brighten our day. You can watch more clips of on Mr Bean’s official Youtube channel.