Reina Triendl x Liz Lisa (HD)

Japanese actress-model Reina Triendl – born in Austria, of German and Japanese descent – poses for fashion brand Liz Lisa [Jp]. Image via the brand’s monthly webzine (2014 issues). The 22-year-old started her modelling career in 2009, made her breakthrough in 2012 and starred in a number of dramas and movies since.

Reina Triendl Liz Lisa Japanese fashion brand

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Ju-on: The Beginning of the End (2014) movie trailer

Trailer for Japanese horror film Ju-on: The Beginning of the End – the seventh instalment of the popular Japanese movie franchise – starring Nozomi Sasaki, Sho Aoyagi and Reina Triendl. In theatres on June 28.

The third instalment of the franchise was remade by Hollywood as The Grudge in 2004, followed by two sequels in 2006 and 2009.

Reina Triendl Nishizen Kimono

Japanese kimono maker Nishizen [Jp] has teamed up with European-Asian model Reina Triendl for a special “Reina Triendl Doll” brand.

European Asian model Reina Triendl kimono

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Reina Triendl Musee Platinum commercial & wallpaper

Japanese commercial and wallpaper for Musee Platinum [Jp] – a spa & beauty salon chain with over a hundred outlets across Japan – featuring Austrian-Japanese model Reina Triendl.

Reina Triendl Young Sunday (HD)

There’s always a demand for mixed-Japanese in Japanese fashion and entertainment industry. Austria born Reina Triendl is the latest to take the spotlight. Pictures from Young Sunday Visual Web [Jp]…

Reina Triendl Japanese Young Sunday Magazine

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