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Ko Shibasaki x Utsukushii Kimono Magazine

HD photos of popular Japanese star Ko Shibasaki who’s featured in 2016 Winter issue of Utsukushii Kimono Magazine [Jp]. The traditional dresses look delicate and beautiful, and probably pretty expensive LoL.

Ko Shibasaki Japanese Utsukushii Kimono Magazine

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Moe Oshikiri Japanese mascara commercial

Japanese model Moe Oshikiri in a commercial for D.UP mascara. Straight-forward message by making comparison of her “bare” face and her full makeup look.

Veteran model

Oshikiri is best known for her work with fashion magazines AneCan and CanCam. She made her modelling début when she was in high school, about 20 years ago.

Oshikiri is also an experienced emcee and hosted a few TV programs in the past. She also got into writing in recent years and has published a novel and a children’s book. The diversity is probably why she has such a long and successful career.

Goo Hara Japanese AneCan Magazine

Goo Hara of Korean girl group KARA in June 2015 issue of Japanese AneCan Magazine [Jp]. KARA are one of the few K-pop acts which made it huge both in Korea and Japan; their popularity is fading in the past year or two though.

KARA Hara Japanese AneCan Magazine

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Nozomi Sasaki Fila Japan

Japanese actress Nozomi Sasaki modelling for spring-summer 2015 collection of Fila [Jp], a sportswear and casual clothing brand.

Nozomi Sasaki Japanese Fila sportswear

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Manzoku Japanese flying legs commercial

Japanese commercial for hosiery brand Manzoku with a “flying legs” concept. The first video is a standard TV spot while the second a longer one minute version.

Manzoku (満足) is a sub-brand by Japanese legwear manufacturer Fukuske Corporation which also produce other brands like f*ing, S-leg and femozione etc.