Japanese actress Nanami Sakuraba archives - Ads and movies ft. Nanami Sakuraba

Nanami Sakuraba Hakama Collection

Japanese actress Nanami Sakuraba modelling for Memorial Day’s Hakama Collection by clothing company Maimu [Jp]. If not mistaken Hakama is the lower part (or the outer layer) of the traditional costume worn over the kimono.

Nanami Sakuraba Maimu Hakama Collection

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Attack on Titan live-action movie posters

Poster images for upcoming Japanese movie Attack on Titan, a live-action adaptation from popular manga of the same title. The comic was made into TV anime series in 2013, which was a phenomenal hit. Expectation is high on the live-action film, which is scheduled to release in summer 2015.

The cast include Hiroki Hasegawa, Haruma Miura, Kiko Mizuhara, Kanata Hongo, Jun Kunimura, Nanami Sakuraba, Takahiro Miura, Satoru Matsuo, Satomi Ishihara, Pierre Taki, Ayame Misaki, Rina Takeda and Shu Watanabe. Directed by Shinji Higuchi who’s famous for his special effect works.

Hiroki Hasegawa Attack on Titan Shikishima

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Nanami Sakuraba and Mitsubishi Estate in New York

Japanese advert for Mitsubishi Estate [Jp] which was filmed in New York, featuring actress Nanami Sakuraba. Mitsubishi Estate is the second largest real estate firm in Japan and the main shareholder of The Rockefeller Group in US.

[Update] The commercial video is deleted from Youtube, typical for Japanese online content due to portrait rights etc. Too bad as it’s a pretty cute one.

Nanami Sakuraba Mitsubishi Estate New York wallpaper

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Jinro Game (2013) movie trailer

Trailer for Japanese film Jinro Game (literally Werewolf Game), starring Nanami Sakuraba, Taiga, Seika Taketomi, Jingi Irie and Mina Fujii…

The movie is inspired by the Werewolf card/party game (aka Mafia, and many other variants). The idea is a group of “villagers” trying to find a werewolf – or pack of werewolves, depending on number of players – within the group.

The game is run in alternate phases – “day time” when the villagers try to figure out who’s the werewolf, and “night time” when the stealthy werewolf eliminates a villager. The game ends when the werewolf is caught, or when the villagers are outnumbered by the werewolves (not sure who’s the winner if its 1 vs 1).

In the movie, Sakuraba plays a high school girl kidnapped and forced to play the game with nine other people in an abandoned school, in which a person will be killed each night (presumably chosen by the players, or those who try to escape) until they figure out who’s the werewolf.

Bump.y – Gotta Getcha music video

Japanese MV (dance version) for Gotta Getcha by girl group bump.y, which consists of five members, i.e. Mary Matsuyama, Nanami Sakuraba, Sara Takatsuki, Mio Miyatake and Matsuri Miyatake. The youngest is just 13-year-old.

The video image seems blank for unknown reason but it’s playable…

Bumpy Gotta Getcha Japanese album

This is their first single since moving to new label Pony Canyon. The group isn’t that popular but a couple of the members are doing pretty well individually.