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Moe Oshikiri Japanese mascara commercial

Japanese model Moe Oshikiri in a commercial for D.UP mascara. Straight-forward message by making comparison of her “bare” face and her full makeup look.

Veteran model

Oshikiri is best known for her work with fashion magazines AneCan and CanCam. She made her modelling début when she was in high school, about 20 years ago.

Oshikiri is also an experienced emcee and hosted a few TV programs in the past. She also got into writing in recent years and has published a novel and a children’s book. The diversity is probably why she has such a long and successful career.

Jun Ji-hyun illi commercial

Korean commercial and promotional images for cosmetics brand illi (by AmorePacific), featuring actress Jun Ji-hyun. The illi skin care products are based on oriental medicines; it’s a bit of a trend in Korea these days to integrate old wisdom (of traditional oriental medicines) in modern products.

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Kim Tae-hee 12plus Colorista Japan

Korean actress Kim Tae-hee (and Thai actor Mark Prin) in a commercial video for 12plus Colorista Japan. 12plus is a Thai cosmetics brand, and the Colorista Japan products are inspired by the Japanese beauty industry.

Thai brand, Japanese concept, Korean endorser… globalisation much?

Krystal Etude Tic Tac Talk

Korean commercial and HD images for cosmetics brand ETUDE, featuring Krystal of girl group f(x). Pink is not her colour; she looks prettier in cool and icy style.

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Yuri Ebihara Japanese Benefique Commercial

Japanese model Yuri Ebihara in a recent commercial for cosmetics brand Benefique. Seems like a new range of products that offer sauna-like benefits to the skin.

Shiseido, a 140-year-old cosmetics company

Benefique is a sub-brand of Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido. Founded in 1872, Shiseido is one of the oldest (and largest) personal care companies in the world.

In Japan, Benefique is a sub-brand focuses on pre-makeup and foundation products. Maquillage is the sub-brand which features full-line makeup products instead.

Ebihara has been endorsing various Shiseido brands for years. Beside Benefique and Maquillage, she had appeared in advertisements for Anessa sunscreen line too.