Protect The Boss drama poster

Promotion image for upcoming Korean drama Protect The Boss from SBS, a comedic-romance flick starring Ji Sung, Choi Kang-hee, Kim Jae-joong and Wang Ji-hye.

Korean drama Protect The Boss

This would be popular singer Jaejoong’s first starring role in a Korean drama series, thus garnering plenty of attention from the media and fans.

IU & Kim Yuna – Ice Flower music video

Korean music video for Ice Flower by singer IU and figure skating star Kim Yuna, theme song for the SBS variety show Kim Yuna’s KISS & CRY which features some popular Korean idols (including IU) competing in figure skating

The song is written by top composer Lee Min-soo and lyricist Kim Ee-na, the duo who made IU’s hit song Good Day in late 2010.

Korean drama City Hunter teaser pics

Teaser pics for Korean drama City Hunter, starring heartthrob Lee Min-ho, actress Park Min-young, and also Koo Hara from pop group KARA. The drama, “adapted” from a same title Japanese manga, is airing its premier episode on SBS channel this Wednesday.

Korean drama City Hunter

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Japan and Korea’s ice rink rivalry heated up

Japanese and Korean netizens are in a war of words following allegations that Japanese figure skaters had repeatedly impeded Korean figure skater Kim Yuna’s warm ups before competitions.

The debate started on March 14 following an SBS interview with Kim Yuna which hinted that she was obstructed by Japanese skaters during 4CC.

To be frank the interview was ambiguous. Kim didn’t implicate anything directly, and it was SBS the Korean TV station that linked the Japanese skaters with the accusation.

But damage has already been done; Japanese media has picked up on the news and retaliated, followed by battle of words between netizens from both nations.

Kim and Japan’s Mao Asada are hot favourites to win the gold at Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics; the duo are set to compete for the 2009 ISU World Figure Skating Championships in Los Angeles next week.

[Update] Kim Yuna sets new record to win the 2009 World Championship.

SBS draws criticism for leaking Olympic rehearsal footage

Korean TV network SBS has seriously dampen its global reputation for leaking footage of a rehearsal for next Friday’s opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics.

From what I understand… global media is now allowed to move freely in some venues to familiarise with the environment and to test their equipments, but the crews are required to sign confidentiality agreements to not reveal any specific details about the ceremony.

The Beijing Olympics organizing committee and the International Olympic Committee have both expressed their disappointment over the breach of rules, but didn’t mention anything about sanctioning SBS from the Beijing Games. It’s generally believed that SBS will walk away with a warning.

Chinese press and netizens are mostly unhappy about the leak, saying that it was spoiling the secrecy and excitement of the show. There are minor voices though, that there is no big deal with the issue and resembling it to movie teasers which could raise more interest for the opening ceremony.

KBS and MBC, other two Korean TV networks that share the Olympic broadcast rights with SBS, have both criticised SBS for their act. Western media is standing neutral on this matter though; with some opportunistic tabloids taking chances to leak ‘the leaked footage’.

Update – SBS have apologised to IOC and Beijing officials two days after the incident. They are barred from covering the opening show as punishment. [via Coolsmurf]