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AirAsia Indonesia – People Campaign

New Indonesian commercial for AirAsia Indonesia, which highlights the budget airline’s commitment to provide the best in every aspect.

AirAsia is Malaysia based but AirAsia Indonesia is pretty much an independent company, sort of a franchise. The group suffered their first fatal accident in late 2014 which killed all 162 on board. It’s sad news but business seems to run as usual after a few months. They are even planning an IPO in Indonesia next year.

Indonesia AirAsia flight crashed into sea

Most of you should have read the news by now, that Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 (QZ8501/AWQ8501) had crashed into the Java sea on December 28, with 155 passengers and seven crew on board. [Update] No survivors.

2014 is a terribly sad year for Asian aviation. Malaysia Airlines MH370 is still missing, presumably in the Indian Ocean; MH17 shot down in Ukraine; there’s also TransAsia Airways Flight 222 that crashed into buildings in Taiwan; and now this.

My deepest condolences to the families, may the victims rest in peace.

Now Everyone Can Fly with AirAsia

Beautiful commercial video for AirAsia, a budget airline headquartered in Malaysia. It’s a summary of the company’s Now Everyone Can Fly with AirAsia mini travel series featuring destinations connected by AirAsia and AirAsia X.

Awesome AirAsia Commercial

New TV commercial for AirAsia. The Malaysia based budget airline has changed the landscape for air travel in the region (Southeast Asia in particular), with its fitting slogan Now Everyone Can Fly. Song is Rocketeer by Far East Movement.

Travelling by air becomes much more affordable since AirAsia’s re-establishment in 2001/2002. The already cheaper tickets can become ridiculously low-priced during its famous promotion campaigns. The company also helps to boost tourism across Asia with new routes and frequent flights.

Baby gets free AirAsia flights for life

A premature baby boy who was born on board an AirAsia flight last Wednesday night will be given free flights for life with the Malaysia-based budget airline.

Malaysian baby and mum free flights for life with AirAsia

The aircraft made an emergency diversion to Kuala Lumpur when the mother went into labour, but the baby was smart enough to pop out before the plane landed, thanks to the great assist by Dr. Ronald who happened to be on board.

The mother will enjoy the same free flights for life as well. Wonder if there’s any bonus for the doctor though… guess not. Congrats to the mummy and baby; and a pat on the back for Dr. Ronald :)