20th Century Fox to open theme park in Malaysia

American film studio 20th Century Fox will open its first ever theme park, the Twentieth Century Fox World, at Malaysia’s Resort World Genting in 2016.

Twentieth Century Fox World Genting Malaysia

Resort World Genting is an entertainment hub which also host the only legalised casino in the country and one of the world’s biggest hotels (by room numbers). It also had a theme park which is now closed for the the upgrade.

Not sure if it’s the right choice, I always thought we have too many theme parks in the region. But the success of Universal Studios in Singapore proves me wrong, and the LegoLand in southern Malaysia seems to be doing reasonable well too.

Wonderful Indonesia – Feeling is Believing

Indonesia Tourism Board commercial 2012. Pretty nice video…

Wonderful Indonesia Tourism logo

Film Director: Condro Wibowo ! DOP: Roni Arnold ~ Producer: Heary ~ Asst Dir: Leo DJ ~ Prod Asst: Awe ~ Wardrobe: Ajeng ~ Editor: Andimamo ~ Music: FLOAT – Hotma ‘Meng’ Roni, Benyamin Windra, Raymond ~ Talent: David & Johana “The Princess” ~ Website

Legoland Malaysia – Asia’s first Legoland

Asia’s first Legoland theme park – located in Malaysia’s Johor State – has opened its doors to public on September 15. It’s the sixth Legoland theme park in the world (Denmark, England, Germany and two in the US). Video by JY

The theme park should do well in the first year with the flock of Malaysian and Singaporean tourists, though it’s questionable if it could attract decent number of tourists in long run. It’s not something that people would visit often, and the price (RM110-140, or around USD35-45) ain’t cheap at all by local standard.

Legoland Malaysia theme park