Jackie Chan Bazaar Men’s Style

Hong Kong actor Jackie Chan in New Year issue of Harper’s Bazaar [Cn] China. The 58-year-old has released his latest (and 101th) film CZ12 earlier these month; the two ladies in this photoshoot are his co-stars Zhang Lanxin and Yao Xingtong.

Jackie Chan Harpers Bazaar Chinese Magazine

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Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, Jet Li

For the lulz. Probably the three biggest Chinese names in terms of global recognition; couldn’t find any pictures of the trio together though…

Yao Ming, Jackie Chan and Jet Li

47th Golden Horse Awards (2010)

The 47th Golden Horse Awards – Chinese equivalent of American Oscars – were presented on Saturday in Taipei. Some red carpet pics and major winners below…

Ethan Ruan (best actor)
Ethan Ruan at Golden Horse Awards 2010 red carpet

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Shaolin (2010) movie trailer

Trailer for Chinese movie Shaolin (新少林寺), starring Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse, Jackie Chan, Wu Jing and Fan Bingbing; to be released in December…

The movie is branded as a remake of Jet Li’s debut film The Shaolin Temple from 1982, but not really related. It’s just that both stories are based on the famous Shaolin Monastery, about its martial arts and more importantly its philosophy.

This trailer was released months earlier when the filming was still in progress; another final trailer is expected soon, but this one looks interesting enough.

Rain is MTV’s biggest badass movie star

Rain was named the Biggest Badass Star at the MTV Movie Awards on June 6 with his role in action flick Ninja Assassin. Check out his rather short English acceptance speech below; Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (the Karate Kid) were there to present the award to the Korean singer-turned-actor [via K-popped]…