McDonald’s Taiwan celebrates new year with cosplay waitresses

McDonald’s staff in Taiwan will be serving their customers in cosplay costumes on New Year’s Eve. The fast food company has introduced the concept at one of its popular branches in Taipei to kick off the buzz…

The featured employees in this preview are obviously selected ones. It will probably be a fun event and I hope the staff enjoy the special occasion as much as the patrons. Just don’t expect eye-candies in all the outlets.

Dancing Android robot in Taiwan

Video of a cute and funny dancing Android robot at a Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc cellphone promo event in Taipei, via Dark32@YT…

The video has gone viral online, and it’s said that the dancer has got an invitation by Google (developer of the Android Operation System) to dance off in US.

47th Golden Horse Awards (2010)

The 47th Golden Horse Awards – Chinese equivalent of American Oscars – were presented on Saturday in Taipei. Some red carpet pics and major winners below…

Ethan Ruan (best actor)
Ethan Ruan at Golden Horse Awards 2010 red carpet

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46th Golden Horse Awards (2009)

Taiwanese film No Puedo Vivir Sin Ti (lit. I Can’t Live Without You in Spanish) was the biggest winner at the prestigious 46th Golden Horse Awards on Saturday night in Taipei. It’s the first local movie to win the best picture in seven years; and director Leon Dai also begged the personal award.

Hot favourite Li Bingbing was crowned the best actress; while Huang Bo and Nick Cheung were both named as best actor(s), a first in the award history. Full winning list after some red carpet and winners’ pics…

Best leading actress Li Bingbing
Chinese actress Li Bingbing at Golden Horse 2009

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Taipei Zoo unhappy with April Fools’ panda prank

Taipei Zoo is not happy with an April Fools’ Day prank claiming that the two giant pandas in the zoo were disguised brown forest bears.

The Taipei Times ran an article on April 1st that the two pandas (a gift from the Chinese government) which arrived last December were actually “brown forest bears that had been dyed to create the panda‚Äôs distinctive black-and-white appearance.”

It’s said that a zoologist “became suspicious when the pandas began to spend almost all of their waking hours having sex. Pandas are notorious for their low libidos, which make them difficult to breed in captivity…”

The (real) zoo officials think that the prank was not funny at all, as the zoo was flooded with phone calls from as far as Japan, UK and Canada to ask about the matter. The zoo has sent in letters to ask the news portal to clear up the matter.

I’m surprised that people were fooled by the prank; isn’t the sex story a blatantly obvious joke? Well, obviously not obvious enough for some.