Tokyo Marathon 2012 costume runners

Collection of photos (in video) of cosplayers running the Tokyo Marathon on Sunday – Mario, Son Goku, Dark Vader, Jesus, super heroes, banana, and ball juggler etc…

Sapporo Snow Festival 2012

Video fom Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival 2012, which opened on February 6th. Some of the sculptures are not of the highest quality to be frank, but looks like a cool winter event overall. Video by Ozzy78, music by Apefail

Dollism Plus 6

Dollism Plus is a doll exhibition in Hong Kong. The 6th edition of the event was held at KITEC on July 17. Photos by Dannychoo

Hong Kong Dollism Plus 6

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KOBA 2011 Canon show models

Canon models Kim Ha-yul, Ju Da-ha and Hwang Mi-hee at the Korean Broadcast, Audio and Lighting Equipment Show (KOBA) earlier this month.

Korean Canon model Kim Ha-yul at KOBA 2011

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Seoul Motor Show 2011 showgirls

Promotional models at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show, i.e. Ju Da-ha, Song Jina, Choi Byul-i, Kim Ha-yul, Kang Yui, Han Ga-eun, Ryu Ji-hye, Hwang Mi-hee and Jang Jung-eun…

Ju Da-ha
Ju Da-ha at Seoul Motor Show 2011

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