Rainbow Hyunyoung Black Squad

Hyunyoung of Korean girl group Rainbow is chosen as the spokesmodel for FPS game Black Squad [Kr], published by Neowiz Games.

Rainbow Hyunyoung Black Squad cosplay endorsement

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Kim Tae-hee LG DIOS 2011

A bit old but nice photoset of Korean actress Kim Tae-hee, advertisements for LG DIOS refrigerators in 2011. Images via LGE on Flickr.

Kim Tae Hee LG DIOS 2011 advertisement

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Jun Ji-hyun illi commercial

Korean commercial and promotional images for cosmetics brand illi (by AmorePacific), featuring actress Jun Ji-hyun. The illi skin care products are based on oriental medicines; it’s a bit of a trend in Korea these days to integrate old wisdom (of traditional oriental medicines) in modern products.

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Krystal Etude Tic Tac Talk

Korean girl group f(x)’s Krystal in the latest commercial for cosmetics brand ETUDE. Pink is not her colour.

Irene Kim, Suecomma Bonnie, London

Model Irene Kim wandering in London in Suecomma Bonnie’s [Kr] CLIMBI hiking sneakers. Some magazine profiles mentioned that she’s a Korean American, found nothing definitive about that though. Background song is Fancy by Iggy Azalea, ft. Charli XCX.

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