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Hong Kong Mak Mun Kee wonton noodles

Mak Mun Kee Noodle House – probably my favourite restaurant in Hong Kong. Discovered the place in 2007, visited twice again during the recent trip.

Hong Kong Mak Mun Kee wonton noodles restaurant

Mak Mun Kee is famous for its wonton noodles and pig trotters. Its shrimp wontons are huge, fresh, with bouncy texture and great flavour. Loved the pig trotters too, which are simmered with red-fermented tofu, a Chinese speciality.

The restaurant will still be on top of my list when I visit Hong Kong next time.

Mak Mun Kee is located at 51, Parkes Street, Jordan.

Chinese virgin-eggs cooked in boys urine

Virgin eggs (童子蛋) are chicken eggs cooked in the urine of young boys in China

China virgin urine eggs

Apparently the bizarre delicacy has a pretty long history in Dongyang City. But it’s making national headlines recently as it was discovered by some folks that the street food has been listed as one of the city’s cultural heritage.

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Christmas dinner @ Fresh Unique Seafood 23 restaurant

Malaysia is a multi-cultural nation. We have holidays on Eid, Chinese New Year, Diwali and Christmas etc. The festivities are often beyond religious boundaries; there are parties everywhere, and people hanging out in celebratory mood.

Me and my family had a reunion dinner on Christmas night, Chinese style, at Fresh Unique Seafood 23 restaurant in Petaling Jaya…

Tiger prawns at Fresh Unique Seafood 23, Petaling Jaya

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World’s longest banquet in China

Thousands of locals and tourists joined the Hani’s traditional Chief Street Banquet in Luchun County in China’s Yunnan Province on Nov 30.

World longest banquet in Yunnan, China

The 2008 feat (3050 tables, 4000 metres in total length) was acknowledged by Guinness World Records as “the world’s longest banquet.” The 2010 event was 2000 metres long with 1860 tables used. Image via Xinhuanet [Cn].

Hani is one of the 56 ethnicities officially recognised by Chinese government. Most of them live in Yunnan and its neighbouring Southeast Asian countries.

Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi, Malaysia

Dinner at Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant during my Langkawi trip in August 2009. A visit to Langkawi Island wouldn’t be complete without a seafood meal, and we decided to splurge a bit with…

Lobster muahaha!!!

Lobster stir-fried with chilli paste; probably not a wise option, as the strong seasoning was too dominant that it’s hard to taste the original lobster flavour. Nice texture though; freshness at its best…

Lobster at Orkid Ria Seafood Restaurant, Langkawi, Malaysia

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