Korean singer Kim Tae-yeon archives - Photos and videos of Taeyeon

SNSD Taeyeon High Cut Magazine

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon in latest issue of High Cut [Kr] Magazine with Chanel Cosmetics. This lady can look quite pretty when the style is done right.

SNSD Taeyeon High Cut Magazine HD

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Girls’ Generation Taeyeon Japan Tour 2013 (HD)

HD photos of Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon from the Korean pop group’s Girls & Peace Japan Tour in Hiroshima on March 19/20. The birthday girl created plenty of buzz lately with her brand new Instagram account, which makes her officially the first SNSD member to run a social media webpage.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Japan Arena Tour 2013

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Girls’ Generation-TTS Twinkle music video

Korean pop group Girls’ Generation has formed a subunit, namely Girls’ Generation TTS (TaeTiSeo, acronyms of the three subunit members Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun). The trio released their mini-album, Twinkle, earlier this month. Check out the MV…

Cute video, but a forgettable song. These three are the better vocalists in the group, but they need a lot more swagger and charisma to nail this genre.

Regardless, Twinkle is topping all charts in Korea and doing reasonably well on iTune and Billboard. When you are on a roll whatever you make will turn into gold.

Girls Generation TaeTiSeo Twinkle

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SNSD Taeyeon Lady Marmalade

HD photos of Kim Tae-yeon – member of Korean pop group Girls’ Generation – performing a cover of Lady Marmalade with fellow member Tiffany at the group’s Hong Kong Concert on January 15.

Her sexy outfit (at least by Kpop standard) has been the talk of town lately. Image by YGGJ [Kr], via Snsdpics

SNSD Taeyeon sexy Lady Marmalade

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SNSD Taeyeon Taiwan Concert 2011

Photos of Korean pop group Girls’ Generation member, Kim Tae-yeon, from the Girls’ Generation 2011 Tour in Taiwan. The group held three concerts on consecutive nights at the Taipei Arena last weekend and attracted over 31,000 fans in total.

Girls Generation Taeyeon Taiwan concert

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