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NTT Docomo Touch Wood Commercial

Cool commercial by Japanese mobile phone operator NTT Docomo, featuring a giant “xylophone” in the middle of a lush forest. The audio is the “real sound” that was recorded during the process (some isolation/amplification might have been done though).

The commercial was made to promote Docomo’s Touch Wood SH-08C package. The video is brilliant, but the phone is a bummer in the end.

IU – Samsung Galaxy SII LTE commercials

Korean TV commercials for Samsung Galaxy SII LTE mobile phone, featuring popular singer IU. Can’t understand the selling point, but kinda cute…

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SNSD Daum smartphone wallpapers

Mobile phone wallpapers of Korean pop group Girls’ Generation, provided by Daum Cloud [Kr] storage service. Click pic for full size (640×960) wallpaper; some of the full images are a bit pixelated but should look fine on your phone…

SNSD Hyoyeon Daum smartphone wallpaper

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53% smartphone users on Android OS

According to the latest Mobile Mix report, 53% of the world’s smartphone users are using Android OS. Info via Angrybirdsdroid

Android smartphone users

I think I’m one of the rarities who are not using a smartphone. For me, a mobile phone is about talking to each other. I seldom use text, let alone other apps (except the alarm clock). I don’t even talk that much on phone, prefer to meet face to face instead.

Apple sues Samsung for copying iPhone

Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPadApple Inc is suing Korean manufacturer Samsung for copying their entire Galaxy product range from Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPad designs.

In the lawsuit filed last Friday, Apple claimed that “When a Samsung Galaxy phone is used in public, there can be little doubt that it would be viewed as an Apple product based upon the design alone…”

I have to agree with Apple’s statement, Galaxy products do resemble Apple’s at first glance. However, it’s not necessary the case from a close look, and in a design copyright lawsuit every details matter instead of just a first impression.

Apple should know the facts well, so it’s probably just a business gimmick to halt the growth of Samsung Galaxy, one of its fiercest competitors (though still trailing far behind) in the smartphone and tablet computer markets.

[Update] Samsung is suing Apple for violating its patent rights in return lol.