Nogizaka46 – Natsu no Free & Easy PV

Japanese music video for Natsu no Free & Easy, the ninth single by pop group Nogizaka46, released July 9, 2014. It’s the month’s best seller thus far.

This is also the first Nogizaka46 single featuring popular idol Rena Matsui, who joins the team as a concurrent member from sister group SKE48.

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Gift (2014) movie trailer

Trailer for Japanese movie Gift, starring Kenichi Endo and Rena Matsui. The later plays a bar hostess who’s running away from a secret past, then she met with a bad-tempered but successful businessman who proposed to pay her 100 million yen (~one million USD) for 100 hours of her time (it’s not as kinki as it may sound).

Endo is a veteran who has starred in many dramas and films, mostly as supportive cast AFAIK. Meanwhile, this is the first leading role in a feature film for Matsui, who’s a member of SKE48, one of the girl groups under the popular AKB48 franchise.

SKE48 Cheer Fight

Japanese girl group SKE48 members turn into cheerleaders in a recent magazine photoshoot. Photographed by Takeo Dec, found via Afro_Stud @ Jphip

SKE48 Japanese high school cheerleaders

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AKB48 – Sakura no Ki ni Narou music video

Japanese pop group AKB48 has released their 20th single, Sakura no Ki ni Narō (桜の木になろう, lit. becoming a cherry tree), on February 16. Its first day sales of 655,344 copies is a new Oricon chart record, and the single sold over 900,000 copies on its debut week. Check out the music video and album jackets…

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It’s Friday with SKE48’s Rena & Jurina

Japanese pop idols Rena Matsui and Jurina Matsui of girl group SKE48 are featured in December issue of Friday Magazine [Jp]. Speaking of Japanese lolicon culture, one of the girls is just over 13 of age (difficult to tell from her look though); a few of the photos might be deemed inappropriate for her age in some places…

SKE48 Rena and Jurina Matsui Friday magazine

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