Love Japan by David Parkinson

Cool video by Australian filmmaker David Parkinson as he travelled through the heart of Japan with his girlfriend. Beautiful piece with top notch cinematography. Locations include Osaka, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Nara, Tokyo, Nagano and Hokkaido.

20th Century Fox to open theme park in Malaysia

American film studio 20th Century Fox will open its first ever theme park, the Twentieth Century Fox World, at Malaysia’s Resort World Genting in 2016.

Twentieth Century Fox World Genting Malaysia

Resort World Genting is an entertainment hub which also host the only legalised casino in the country and one of the world’s biggest hotels (by room numbers). It also had a theme park which is now closed for the the upgrade.

Not sure if it’s the right choice, I always thought we have too many theme parks in the region. But the success of Universal Studios in Singapore proves me wrong, and the LegoLand in southern Malaysia seems to be doing reasonable well too.

Takeshi Kaneshiro – EVA Air I See You commercial

Japanese-Taiwanese actor Takeshi Kaneshiro is featured in the latest commercial and marketing campaign for EVA Air (I always thought it’s pronounced as a single word “eva” instead of E-V-A) which was filmed in Taiwan, Japan and France.

The CF is available in three languages (English, Chinese, Japanese)…

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Now Everyone Can Fly with AirAsia

Beautiful commercial video for AirAsia, a budget airline headquartered in Malaysia. It’s a summary of the company’s Now Everyone Can Fly with AirAsia mini travel series featuring destinations connected by AirAsia and AirAsia X.

Japanese Sakura 2013

Awesome videos by AquaGeographic [Jp], shot from numerous popular cherry blossom viewing spots across Japan. Spring is in the air…

Famous sights of cherry blossoms in Tohoku…

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