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Giant rubber duck deflates in Hong Kong

The famous giant rubber duck, a creation by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, has mysteriously deflated during its current trip in Hong Kong. The ducky was supposed to stay until June; the organiser of the exhibition is working to bring it back up.

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Jay Chou portrait with coffee cup stains

A new piece of art work by Malaysian artist Hong Yi, aka Red – making a portrait of Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou with coffee cup stains. The Shanghai-based architect made headlines last month with her Yao Ming painting using basketball.

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Yao Ming portrait painted with basketball

A video of Malaysia-born architect Hong Yi – seemingly painting a portrait of Chinese basketball star Yao Ming with a basketball – has gone viral lately. The young lady is currently working for an Australian architecture firm in Shanghai.

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Chinese palmprint painting artist

Zhang Baohua is a Chinese artist who paints with palms and fingers instead of a brush or tool. It’s said that he invented the style in 1989, a statement which I have doubts with. He’s one amazing artist regardless…

Chinese palmprint painting artist Zhang Baohua

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Chinese built Megatron Tank replica

A Chinese designer – by the nickname Legend of Steel (铁的传奇) – and co have created a replica of Transformers’ Megatron in tank form. The model is 4.5m x 3.2m x 2.5m in size and weighed about five tonnes.

China Megatron Tank replica

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