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Korean Folk Village, Yongin, South Korea

The Korean Folk Village in Yongin City is the largest of its kind in South Korea. It has reproduced over 260 traditional houses reminiscent of the late Chosun Dynasty and has recreated the life of Korean people through the exhibition of various household goods and workshop items. Photos from my Feb 2010 visit…

Korean Folk Village, Yongin, South Korea

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KARA at Suwon football game

Photos of Korean pop group KARA performing at the half time interval during a K-League football match at the Suwon World Cup Stadium on August 28. The home team Suwon Bluewings won the game 4-2 against Seoul FC eventually…

Korean girl group KARA at Suwon football match

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Kim Yuna & Michelle Kwan at All That Skate

Korean figure skating star Kim Yuna and her childhood idol, five-time American world champion Michelle Kwan, performed together at the All That Skate show in Goyang City (north of Seoul) over the weekend. Photos by Spdstudio [Kr]…

Kim Yuna and Michelle Kwan at All That Skate

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Koreans protest dog eating

A group of Korean animal rights activists held a demonstration at a large dog meat market in Seongnam (near Seoul) last weekend to protest dog eating.

Koreans protest eating dog meat in Seongnam

Image by Chosun [Kr]. Koreans have been eating dog meat for thousand of years. One of the dishes is Bosintang (lit. invigorating soup), a traditional soup with dog meat as primary ingredient which is popular during summer.

It’s estimated that over a million of dogs are slaughtered every year in Korea to meet market demand. The practise has caused some uproar internationally, and some younger Korean generations are beginning to ditch this tradition.

Personally I find this hypocritical. Although I’m not a vegetarian I always support people who promote the cause, different opinions but they have valid reasons. But I can’t agree on those who are against eating dogs when they have no problem chowing cows, pigs and chickens… domestication whatever.

Jackie Chan and Choi Ji-woo promote Hallyuwood theme park

Hong Kong action star Jackie Chan and Korean actress Choi Ji-woo have been chosen as honorary ambassadors of Hallyuwood, a Korean pop culture theme park in Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

The duo attended the ground breaking ceremony on May 29 alongside other celebrities e.g. Kim Ah-joong and Kim Yun-jin etc. Image by Newsen.

Jackie Chan and Choi Ji-woo at Hallyuwood start festival

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