World Order – Have A Nice Day (in Akihabara)

Japanese music video for Have A Nice Day by techno-pop group World Order. Decent song, interesting choreography and video concept…

The MV featured many elements of Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town, e.g. cosplay, specialist stores, maid cafe, anime, arcades, and girl group AKB48 etc.

World Order was formed in 2009 by Genki Sudo, a retired mix-martial artist and kickboxer, who also wrote most (if not all) of the group’s songs.

After School Shh music video & pics

Music video and concept photos for Shh, Korean girl group After School’s sixth Japanese single which will be released on January 29. Interesting MV, not the usual Asian pop stuff. And girls look good in suits. Images from official FB [Jp]…

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Nogizaka46 Tsuki no Ookisa PV

Japanese music video for Tsuki no Ookisa (lit. Size of The Moon) from pop group Nogizaka46′s upcoming Barrette single album. It’s the new opening song for the popular Naruto anime series, hence the samurai-ninja theme.

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Nogizaka46 Girl’s Rule Japanese single

MV and concept image for Girl’s Rule, latest single by Japanese pop group Nogizaka46 which sold over 300,000 copies in its open week. Typical song from the AKB48 franchise, usually not bad but easily forgettable, and topping sales charts nonetheless.

Nogizaka46 Girls Rule single album

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SNSD Love & Girls Japanese music video

MV for Love & Girls, Korean pop group Girls’ Generation’s latest Japanese single…

SNSD Love Girls Japanese single album

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