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Manga turns chemistry reference book

A Japanese publishing company has released a book that teaches chemistry with characters from Kagami Yoshimizu’s popular Lucky☆Star manga.

Lucky Star manga chemistry reference book

The 368-page book features over 100 illustrations of the manga characters, it’s meant for high schoolers to prepare for college entrance exams.

Not sure if it works for the students, but I can foresee the book being pretty popular with Lucky Star fans as a collector’s item. It might open a new wave of income source for the anime and manga industry lol.

Lucky Star anime brings 1 billion yen to Washimiya town

Japanese town of Washimiya estimates that the Lucky Star anime has brought over one billion yen (~ US$11 million) into the local economy after the town’s main shrine, the Washinomiya Shrine, was featured in the popular anime in 2007.

Kagami and Tsukasa Hiiragi Washinomiya Shrine Japan

The full economic impact of Lucky Star cannot be determined for certain; but the sales of related goods alone have been pegged at 70 million yen.

Visitors during the New Year holidays – when Japanese would visit a shrine – increased from 90,000 in 2007 to 450,000 in 2010. That’s plenty for a small town with less than 40,000 of population. LUCKY star indeed. [Jp].

Merry Christmas and Happy 2009

A bit early I supposed… but this is likely to my last post in 2008.

Luck Star anime characters celebrating Christmas

Yupe, going to take a really long break. Want to settle some unfinished business, i.e. house cleaning, bills clearing etc… would also like to spend some time to reflect on what I did in 2008 and planning on what to do in 2009. It should be a wise idea to stay away from blogging for a while to focus on the needy stuff.

Thanks to all of you who have been following this blog throughout the year; the time spent on maintaining the blog wouldn’t be as enjoyable without your support. Enjoy the rest of 2008, see you all again in 2009!!!

Happy Halloween 2008

Halloween is primarily a western festival, but many young Asians are joining the bandwagon these days, particularly those who live in big cities. Seems like every pubs and night clubs in KL are having a Halloween party of some sort.

Picture of Lucky Star anime characters in Halloween costumes

I’ve never been interested with Halloween celebrations though; it just doesn’t click for me. Happy Halloween to people who’s celebrating it.

Kona-chan laptop wallpaper

My new laptop wallpaper, featuring Konata Izumi, character from popular Japanese anime-manga Lucky☆Star.

Lucky Star Konata Izumi laptop wallpaper

Saw this from Jamie, couldn’t resist using it lol. Full size (1600×1200) below.

Lucky Star anime Konata Izumi wallpaper