Squash Olympic Bid

A video to promote squash, featuring world #1 Ramy Ashour of Egypt and Nicol David of Malaysia. The World Squash Federation (WSF) has been working for a decade for the racquet sport to be included in the Olympic Games (next for 2020)…

For various reasons there are limited numbers of sports that could feature in the Olympics (which are reviewed after every edition). There’s one slot left for the 2020 Games which will be decided by an IOC poll later this year.

While squash makes some fair points the voting is often decided by political and financial reasons. If the sport is not popular in one of the richer (or powerful) countries the chance of inclusion looks dim, regardless of how popular it is elsewhere.

2AM Bila Terasa Rindu @ Malaysia Concert

Video of Korean pop group 2AM singing a Malay song, Bila Terasa Rindu (originally by Malaysian singer Dafi), at The Way of Love 2AM Concert in Malaysia on December 1.

They performed that really well. The concert was widely praised by fans and media too.

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Free breakfast @ McDonald’s Malaysia

McDonalds Malaysia free breakfastMcDonald’s Malaysia will be giving away free Egg McMuffin to the first 1000 visitors of each and every 215 restaurant nationwide on November 19 to celebrate its Breakfast Day.

Not sure what’s the purpose besides marketing gimmick. At least they have the courtesy to offer it absolutely free (one per customer) with no string attached.

This sort of promotion is usually a double-edge sword. Some folks will happily grab the freebies while bunch of others disgruntled (empty handed, long queue etc.)

Check McDonald’s (MY) website for details. Should be interesting to see what happens tomorrow… knowing Malaysians it will be pretty rowdy at some outlets.

Li Bingbing Citta Bella Malaysia (HD)

Chinese actress Li Bingbing in October 2012 issue of Citta Bella Magazine in Malaysia.

Li Bingbing Malaysian Citta Bella Magazine

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Legoland Malaysia – Asia’s first Legoland

Asia’s first Legoland theme park – located in Malaysia’s Johor State – has opened its doors to public on September 15. It’s the sixth Legoland theme park in the world (Denmark, England, Germany and two in the US). Video by JY

The theme park should do well in the first year with the flock of Malaysian and Singaporean tourists, though it’s questionable if it could attract decent number of tourists in long run. It’s not something that people would visit often, and the price (RM110-140, or around USD35-45) ain’t cheap at all by local standard.

Legoland Malaysia theme park