Malaysian advertising archives - Celebrity endorsements and commercials

Happy Lunar New Year 2015

Share The Lights – a commercial by Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia’s largest electric utility company, in celebration of the 2015 Chinese New Year.

PETRONAS Deepavali – The Light Within

A short, light-hearted movie by Malaysian oil and gas company PETRONAS, in celebration of Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights in 2014. Happy Deepavali to my Hindus neighbours and devotees worldwide.

Now Everyone Can Fly with AirAsia

Beautiful commercial video for AirAsia, a budget airline headquartered in Malaysia. It’s a summary of the company’s Now Everyone Can Fly with AirAsia mini travel series featuring destinations connected by AirAsia and AirAsia X.

Domino’s Malaysia – What is Passion

A cheesy (pun intended) Malaysian commercial for Domino’s Pizza. I lived in an unusual housing zone where no fast food restaurants could provide delivery service, until Domino’s opened a branch nearby a couple of years ago. Not really a fan of Domino’s (or pizza in general) before that but I’ve became a loyal customer since.

Awesome AirAsia Commercial

New TV commercial for AirAsia. The Malaysia based budget airline has changed the landscape for air travel in the region (Southeast Asia in particular), with its fitting slogan Now Everyone Can Fly. Song is Rocketeer by Far East Movement.

Travelling by air becomes much more affordable since AirAsia’s re-establishment in 2001/2002. The already cheaper tickets can become ridiculously low-priced during its famous promotion campaigns. The company also helps to boost tourism across Asia with new routes and frequent flights.