AKB48 idol shaves head for dating scandal

Japanese pop group AKB48 member Minami Minegishi has taken the extreme to apologise for her dating scandal by shaving her head.

AKB48 Minami Minegishi head shaved

The 20-year-old was caught sleeping over at a man’s place by the paparazzi, which is strictly forbidden by the group’s management. As strange (and perhaps inhuman) as it sounds, the idol-no-dating rule is very common in East Asia, though there’s not many agencies that enforces the regulation as religiously as AKB48.

It’s said that she shaved her head on her own accord. Whether she’s told to do so or not it shows how much pressure she was in to try and get out of the trouble.

Although many people has said that the (self) punishment is too harsh, the act might actually save her AKB48 career as she was “merely” demoted to trainee status. There were others who were penalised heavier (expelled etc.) for lesser evidence.

AKB48-YJ7 Weekly Young Jump Magazine

AKB48-YJ7, a sub-unit of Japanese girl group AKB48, is featured in recent issue of Weekly Young Jump [Jp]. The unit consists of seven of the group’s 48 members, i.e. Minami Minegishi, Rie Kitahara, Miori Ichikawa, Suzuran Yamauchi, Yui Yokoyama, Amina Sato and Aika Ota.

AKB48 YJ7 Japanese Weekly Young Jump Magazine

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Japanese pop idols’ high school graduation

Japan’s WPB Magazine [Jp] has released a special pullout with its 2011-vol.11 issue, featuring dozen of female idols who are graduating from high/middle school this March, i.e. Rika Adachi, Anna Ishibashi, Nanami Sakuraba, Yuuna Suzuki, Minami Minegishi, Yui Yokoyama, Risako Ito, Chiho Fujii and Ami Maeda etc.

Japanese school girls Weekly Playboy graduation

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No3b – Answer music video & pic

Japanese music video of Answer, the sixth single by no3b, a subunit of popular girl group AKB48. The single will be released on March 2…

No3b is a stylised term for No Sleeves. The members of the subunit are Minami Takahashi, Haruna Kojima and Minami Minegishi.

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AKB48 – Sakura no Ki ni Narou music video

Japanese pop group AKB48 has released their 20th single, Sakura no Ki ni Narō (桜の木になろう, lit. becoming a cherry tree), on February 16. Its first day sales of 655,344 copies is a new Oricon chart record, and the single sold over 900,000 copies on its debut week. Check out the music video and album jackets…

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