World’s largest teapot shape structure

The world’s largest teapot shape structure, located in China’s Meitan County, was officially opened last month. I’m not sure what’s the 73.8 metre tall building is used for; but judging from its shape and that the county is famous for its premium tea, we can safely assume that it’s a tea museum or information centre…

Meitan teapot shape museum, Guizhou, China
Teapot shape building in Meitan, Guizhou, China. Image from Xinhuanet [Cn]

Korean Folk Village, Yongin, South Korea

The Korean Folk Village in Yongin City is the largest of its kind in South Korea. It has reproduced over 260 traditional houses reminiscent of the late Chosun Dynasty and has recreated the life of Korean people through the exhibition of various household goods and workshop items. Photos from my Feb 2010 visit…

Korean Folk Village, Yongin, South Korea

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Soshi Dreamz – SNSD mini museum

A dedicated Canadian fan of Korean pop group SNSD – who goes by the name KC – has wowed global fans with his mini SNSD museum…

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World’s largest model train set at Miniatur Wunderland

The world’s largest model railway and train set, located in the Miniatur Wunderland, a private museum in Hamburg, Germany. Updated with a new video.

Amazing Race Asia 3 – Ep 4 & 5 – Taipei

Interesting culture and places in Taipei, Taiwan; as featured in the 4th and 5th episode of The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) season 3.

Ximending, Taipei

Ximending is one of the most bustling areas in Taipei with a mixture of new and old culture.

You can find the latest trends and hype in Ximending… fashion, books, entertainment, cosplay, games etc; and on contrary also home to some of the oldest shops and restaurants in Taipei.

Ximending is also a popular place for celebrities to hold fans meeting or small concerts.

Picture of Ximending in Taipei, Taiwan
Ximending in a relatively quiet night (Image by Kok)

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