Protect The Boss drama poster

Promotion image for upcoming Korean drama Protect The Boss, a comedic-romance flick starring Ji Sung, Choi Kang-hee, Kim Jae-joong and Wang Ji-hye.

Korean drama Protect The Boss

This would be popular singer Jaejoong’s first starring role in a Korean drama series, thus garnering plenty of attention from the media and fans.

Kim Jae-joong & Han Hyo-joo Heaven’s smooch

Screen cut from Korean telecinema Heaven’s Postman, with the main leads Kim Jae-joong of boyband TVXQ and actress Han Hyo-joo sharing a kiss…

Kim Jae-joong and Han Hyo-joo kiss in movie Heavens Postman

The movie was made in early 2009 but was only released recently after much delay. There’s some dating rumours between the duo during the filming, and the rumours are reignited once again following the airing of the film.

As far as I know the two hadn’t responded directly to the earlier rumours. Who knows, there might actually be something in between them lol.

Han Hyo-joo & TVXQ Jaejoong dating?

Recent photos of Korean actress Han Hyo-joo partying with pop singer Jaejoong from boyband TVXQ have sparked huge interest online.

The photos were taken at a staff party for telecinema Heaven’s Postman which they are starring in; and the two were getting a bit too close from some points’ of view, sparking rumours that the on-screen couple might be dating for real.

Korean celebrities Han Hyo-joo and Kim Jae-joongWell, it’s common for young people to get a bit cozy with each other after a few drinks, but it turns big deal when it involves celebrities… especially when it involves member from one of the biggest boybands.

As expected, not all responses are positive with the possible “relationship”. The actress is currently one of the hottest rising stars, but a few of TVXQ’s fans still think that she’s not good enough for their idol. The majority seems neutral and supportive to the “couple” though, thank goodness.

Hallyu stars dominate J-pop chart

Hallyu stars are dominating the Japanese Oricon singles chart for the past two weeks. The Koreans claimed the top three spots at the singles’ sales chart last week, and keeping their momentum with three of the top four spots this week.

Pop group TVXQ (known as Tōhōshinki in Japan) tops the singles’ sales chart for two consecutive weeks with their 24th Japanese single “Jumon-Mirotic”. This is their 4th chart topping Japanese single in 2008.

Actor turn singer Lee Byung-hun claims the 2nd spot also for two weeks in a role with his debut single, “Itsuka”; while Ryu Si-won dropping from 3rd to 4th with his 8th single “Kimito Boku”.

To be frank, I’m quite puzzled how the songs managed to lead the charts. I can understand that Mirotic is appealing to some audiences (although not to my liking), but the other two are just so average. Anyhow, sharing all three music videos below…

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Japan’s most wanted artist lovers 2008

Japan’s Count-Down-TV [Jp] has concluded their annual poll for “the most wanted artist as girlfriend/boyfriend” in 2008, with YUI and Jin Akanishi topping the girlfriend and boyfriend category respectively.

Top 20 Japan’s most wanted girlfriend 2008

1. YUI – 2. Kaori Mochida – 3. Ayumi Hamasaki – 4. Ai Otsuka – 5. aiko – 6. Ai Takahashi – 7. Ai Kawashima – 8. Kiyoe Yoshioka – 9. Maimi Yajima – 10. Yui Aragaki – 11. Nocchi – 12. Namie Amuro – 13. Ayaka – 14. Kaela Kimura – 15. Kumi Koda – 16. Misako Uno – 17. Hiroko – 18. BoA – 19. Mai Kuraki 20. Reina Tanaka

Top 20 Japan’s most wanted boyfriend 2008

1. Jin Akanishi – 2. Kazuya Kamenashi – 3. Hyde – 4. Jun Matsumoto – 5. Tomohisa Yamashita – 6. Takahiro – 7. Takahisa Masuda – 8. Jaejoong – 9. TAKUYA∞ – 10. Sho Sakurai – 11. Koichi Domoto – 12. Akihito Okano – 13. Kentaro Kobuchi – 14. Ryo Nishikido – 15. Yusuke Kamiji – 16. Yuya Tegoshi – 17. Masaki Aiba – 18. Haruichi Shindou – 19. Teppei Koike – 20. DAIGO

Note that in Japan the term “artist” often refers to singers, so there aren’t any “pure” actors/actresses in the list. Korean stars BoA and Jaejoong are the only two non-Japanese celebrities who made the top 20.